The last self-indulgent blog-post just about me for the next nine months, I promise.  The rest will be all killer, no filler!


Righto, I’m on my way.


At home last night, I flung around a last emails for work.  My work phone’s battery had died, so come 11:59pm, when the last of my emails got sent, it literally felt like I would turn into a pumpkin if I kept going.  This morning, for the first time since primary school, as I packed my play-lunch, I packed a carrot to eat with a whimsical “why-not!?” to myself.  Not quite as storied a vegetable in fairytale-land as a pumpkin, but maybe more representative of the joy, optimism and attraction I am feeling right now as I take nine months off to study a Masters.


It isn’t as if it hasn’t been hard to wrench myself away from work:  we are in the middle of a massive LMS implementation there.  I’ve been running lately with how to deal with architecting for the complexities and idiosyncrasies of multiple continuing education frameworks within a global business.  Another story for another day, but it is a mission to hand something like that over to other people when they are going through a massive restructure at the same time too.  Everyone is doing their level-best.


For me, I need to wait until I go back to work out what happens with my employment situation.  That is a good thing really, because in my dreaming of this opportunity for the last 5 or so years, I always envisaged sharing what I was learning real-time back with the people I work with.  Not exclusively – I will be learning out loud on all the socials too – but there is something invigorating for me about the notion of a proximate community I’m part of that I can translate concept into utility for.  I intend to cover a hell of a lot of intellectual ground this year; and maybe the best stuff I will remember because I’ve helped others to build a practical narrative with it.


Notwithstanding this approach, I feel instantly freer from my workplace of 22 years, here as I sit on the train on the way into my first day at Sydney University.  I honestly haven’t felt trapped, but I’ve learnt just about all I could there for now, and that is OK.  I will try to give more than I receive in this Masters, such is my genuine gratitude for this opportunity; but I’ve a hungry mind, one that carrots alone won’t satiate.  Onwards and upwards.

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